Wise County "Pound Pet Wishes"fundraiser

This donation goes 100% to Wise County Humane Shelters mobile medical clinic fundraiser for the town of Pound VA.   The goal is to raise $3600 which will cover:


$60 per animal spay-neuter of a resident/community street dog - Qty 40 needed 

$5.00 per animal for a medical exam/vaccines for a resident's pet - Qty 150 needed.


Your compassionate generosity as a Crazy Good Dog Lover will be tremendously appreciated by the community members and their animals alike.   Providing much needed, desperate medical assistance to family members who cannot even afford $5.00 for a shot.   These individuals LOVE their dogs as much as you & I, however, the demographic income of that region is $18,000/year.   $5.00 is a choice between medical care for a pet or food on their table.     


This is a non-refundable donation.  100% of the profits are tax-deductible as they support our 501(c)3 parent company - Animal Angel Aid.   

Wise County "Pound Pet Wishes"fundraiser

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